A comfy place to snooze

what a cozy place for a catnap! frans and this kitty look pensive. they must be deep in thought. frans is probably pondering a story problem for one of his books. and this kitty looks conflicted, a little tenuous. he’s probably having one of those inner struggles that i have so often, like deciding if i should stay here or go into the living room? then i wonder if i should visit my litterbox, and while i’m contemplating that i suddenly have an urge to go outside.

cats lead very complicated lives- so many decisions to make! i may be heading down the stairs to visit the laundry room and out of nowhere i get picked up and someone in the family starts playing with me. just like that all my plans are turned upside down! what a mind bender!  i have to switch gears all of a sudden and adapt to a new situation. will i still make it to the laundry room? and if i don’t, what will that do to the schedule- does everything get bumped back? will there be time to do everything? or do some things get pushed back to tomorrow? and what will that do to the rest of the week?!

no wonder i feel so tense! a good meal will help settle me down. i think we’re having catfish tonight. oh no, that was last night. i don’t know what we’re having. i can’t smell anything cooking in the kitchen. maybe we’re having take-out. but then how will i know what’s for dinner? do i have to wait the rest of the day to find out?! and what if my family ordered something i don’t like, or something i’m allergic to? i could get really sick!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! now my whole day is ruined!!! i better go find a quiet place where i can shut my brain off and relax for a while…



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