Waking up on a traffic light?!

i was having a really nice nap and i was dreaming about living in the big city with all the busy cars zooming by and lots of people rushing around and all the noise. it was kind of scary but i was a fast, strong super cat, so nothing scared me. i jumped on top of the cars and buildings and bus stops without ever getting hurt. i was a risk taker! no leap was too big for fantastic fuddles!

then a really loud woke me up and i was lying on top of a really high traffic light! all the traffic was moving below me and making lots of noise! i got really scared! heights make my tummy get all queezy! but i had to get down, so i gripped my claws as tight as i could around the traffic pole and very slowly i started sliding down. i kept my eyes closed, or i would have fainted for sure!

i started sliding faster. i gripped the pole as hard as i could, but i was sliding really fast and then i bumped down on the sidewalk and suddenly i woke up on my couch. i was a little puzzled because i was having a dream of a dream!

wow! i was really confused. i looked around the house and touched all the furniture to make sure i wasn’t having a dream of a dream of a dream! then i smelled dinner cooking in the kitchen and i knew everything was right! especially because mom was cooking tuna melts with swiss cheese and home-made fries!


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