Fuddles goes camping!

the adventurer’s adventure- out in the wild, at one with nature! camping is the adventurer’s true love. exploring, taking long hikes and seeing new sights- that’s the thing for me!

and after an adventure-filled day, it’s baked beans and franks cooked over a fire for dinner and smores for dessert. and then ghost stories told around the camp fire, followed by sleeping under a starry sky.

what could be more exciting than that? listening to the coyotes howl, the mountain lions growl. that’s a little scary, actually… i think there are eagles out there with big claws, hunting at night. and aren’t there snakes out in the desert? that’s very scary!!

i think i’ll just stay home and have hot dogs and beans here and sleep on my comfy couch pillow. i can dream about all that camping stuff!


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