Indiana Fuddles

my family was watching a movie where a guy in a funny hat and a whip had a bunch of adventures, just like me! i climb the backyard fence just before the neighbor’s dog gets me. a fraction of a second later would have been the end of me. or i scramble out of the way of the vacuum cleaner just in the nick of time!

us adventurers must be quick on our feet, and nimble in our brains. you gotta think fast- it’s a dangerous world out there! just today someone nearly tripped over me. i was clearly heading into the living room, which i always do after my 2 o’clock afternoon water break, (when will they learn my routine..?!) and i nearly got trampled by someone carrying a big stack of books! they stepped right in front of me so i moved one way and they moved that way too, so i moved the other way and so did they! and then a couple of heavy books crashed on the floor just inches from me!

thank goodness i’m such a sharp kitty. with laser precision i darted between their legs and onto the couch where i was safe. i hope my family appreciates the things i put up with! for my reward, i deserve a nice steak dinner with a baked potato and worcestershire sauce and sour cream and cheddar cheese.



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