Fuddles on the road!

fuddles is hitting the road, touring the country! it looks awfully hot out there, but it takes a real adventurer like me to do these trips. i’ve made some real treks lately, filled with danger. i went all the way behind the garage to explore the wood pile, which was crawling with nasty spiders. and i navigated to the far corner of the yard to investigate the avocado tree. that’s very dangerous because avocados come down without warning, and when they bonk you on the head it really hurts! i think those pesky squirrels have something to do with that- one of these days i’ll teach them a lesson…

sometimes when i’m out exploring the sprinklers go on without warning, and i have to scramble for safety! you have to be quick on your toes, and sharp of the brain to survive out there. you gotta know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em, so then i just go back to my comfy couch for a nice nap.

and after that it’s dinner time. i’ve been smelling yummy aromas from the kitchen- my finely tuned senses tell me we’re having pork dumplings tonight. i detect the grated fresh ginger and green onions and napa cabbage leaves, all smothered in soy sauce.


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