The Godfuddles


i love gangster movies! my family cozies up on the couch with me spread out on the armrest and we turn the lights off and watch the movie in the dark munching popcorn. i love the shoot-em ups with the tommie guns. of course as soon as the shooting starts i close my eyes. all that noise and scary stuff- i can’t watch when that happens. i just wait until it gets quiet again. old black and white gangster movies are really fun too. i like it when the hero is conflicted because he doesn’t want to be a gangster but he’s tricked into joining and then he has to save his girl and promise her that he’ll quit the bad life.

i myself prefer the good life. 3 meals a day plus snacks with nice long naps in between, and the occasional backyard exploration adventure. and tonight’s dinner should be a real adventure. pasta! manicotti with peas and italian turkey sausage with chopped fresh basil leaves and  ricotta and pecorino romano and of course manicotti shells.

now that’s the good life!



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