Mouse catcher


my family found some mouse poop in the garage. how disgusting! can’t mice just use their litter box like i do? well, my family brought me into the garage to catch the mouse. i walked around but i couldn’t find him.

then mom found a hole in the wall, and that was his home! so she put me right next to the hole so i could catch the nasty critter when he came out. i sat there preparing my plan of attack, but i waited a long time and nothing happened. that garage is really uncomfortable! i stretched out on the hard floor, wishing i had my soft pillow, and before i knew it i woke up and it was dark and way past my dinner time!

i was starving! i hurried inside and gobbled up a delicious bowl of chili with fresh tomato sauce and paprika and louisiana hot sauce and unsweetened cocoa. and then i went to lie down on  my comfy pillow. i’m glad i never saw the mouse because i’d probably run off if i did. mice kind of scare me.


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