What’s up pussycat?


what a silly movie! i like watching funny movies with my family all laughing really loud. they shake when they laugh, and then they spill popcorn all over the couch. i never spill my popcorn. i don’t even know what’s so funny in the movie- just a lot of people running around or driving around in little cars and kissing each other and putting their clothes on the wrong way.

i just have fun watching my family laugh. after a while i forget about the movie and i think about food. that’s what makes me smile most. and tonight we’re having a special dinner- french onion soup with chopped garlic cloves and grated gruyere and fresh thyme sprigs. i love french onion soup, except that it makes me really messy. cheese sticks to my whiskers and unions get all over my fur, so and when i’m done i have to give myself a bath.

but it’s worth it- for food it always is!


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