Winter wonderland book fair in El Segundo!

frans will be signing fuddles books and drawing for kids on saturday, december 1st, at the el segundo winter wonderland holiday spectacular. bring your kids and your friends and yourself!

i’ll be staying home because saturday is baking day. mom is making pumpkin breads and banana nut breads all day long, and once those aromas enter my pink nose, my brain can’t think of anything but food, and i’m hooked. wild horses couldn’t drag me out of the house then. especially with the turkey chili dinner with sour cream and taco seasoning mix and chopped green chile peppers to follow!


The birds!


i love birdies! thanksgiving left-over turkey, roasted pheasant, quail with plum sauce, duck a l’orange, stuffed goose, honey-roasted grouse, huckleberry grilled dove, pigeon roulade with saffron-corn sauce, black bird pie, woodcock almandine. i could go on and on..!

but it’s so painfull! thinking about it just makes me so hungry! and dinner isn’t for another hour, and all these delicious birdies keep flying over my backyard. life can be cruel for a kitty cat- it isn’t all peaches and cream. all i can do is watch and wait, and lick my chops… maybe we’ll have pork chops for dinner.


Happy turkey day!


cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, roasted beet and carrot salad, artichoke and crab dip, roasted butternut squash soup, pumpkin pie with real whip cream, sausage and herb stuffing, apple pie, corn bread, pecan pie, sugar and nut glazed brie, pumpkin gingerbread trifle, and a big plump juicy turkey.



First day at Disney


here is frans with some of his cal arts classmates on their first day at the disney studio, september 1, 1981. frans is the tall one with the blond curly hair. they started in the training program with eric larson, one of disney’s legendary nine old men. after passing the training program they started work on “mickey’s christmas carrol.”

i have my own training program- climbing the couch 4 times each day, wind sprints to the kitchen, 10 push-ups  while i eat lunch. i’m in good shape! and i take care of myself- i eat 3 square meals plus snacks here and there, and 15 naps per day. it’s a tough schedule, but i manage.

and dinner is always a payoff. tonight it’s creamy creole mustard sauce on noodles with olive oil and pepper. it’s a really healthy meal! i prefer it with a filet mignon on the side, and a double scoop mocha ice cream for dessert.


Fuddles imposter opens doors

this kitty can open doors for himself. no one locks him out! he’s self-sufficient, free and independent. just like me! i love to roam the house from room to room, going where i please.

the only time i depend on others is dinner time. then i’m happy to wait and be served. and tonight’s dinner is worth waiting for, smoked salmon ravioli! mom makes it with shredded gruyere cheese and oodles of heavy whipping cream and chopped fresh chives. and a rootbeer float for dessert!


Reclining kitty


what a treat. this kitty looks so relaxed. i love stretching out on the couch – what a glorious way to sleep! the only problem is when my family watches a movie, and in a dramatic part the music suddenly gets really loud, and then i jump and scramble in a corner. that’s the worst thing!

then i’m shaking all over, and someone in my family picks me up and tells me that everything is okay, but the only thing that can make everything okay is food. my family munches on popcorn and peanuts, but i prefer a nice little treat like tuna apple mini melts made with finely chopped celery and fresh lemon juice and a hard-cooked peeled and chopped egg and a big glob of mayonnaise.

now that’s a treat!


Jazzy Fuddles


i wonder what jazz musicians think about when they play those long improvisation pieces. i would think about food. i would picture a great big delicious meal, and every note i play would be one yummy bite.

i would play on and on, fantasizing about little appetizers like cheese balls or mango shrimps on goat cheese crisps, then a dinner salad with maybe smoked salmon and gouda cheese, to the main course which could be a new york steak or a roasted duck with small roasted garlic potatoes and carmelized onions and some squash, and then dessert, black berry pudding and pear pie would do the trick.

i would just keep playing until someone finally stopped me. and then i would have dinner.



President Fuddles


i would make a great president. the first thing i would do is make a law that everyone takes a nap every  morning and every afternoon, right after a big lunch.  another thing, every time the people in government start to argue i would make them play pattycake. and i would make then always smile or someone will throw a pie in their face. or maybe they should have a food fight once in a while.

speaking of food, and i looooove speaking of food, everyone should eat a good old american dinner today. i’m having a chili cheese burger with a big pickle and fries and a chocolate chip with 2 cherries on top milk shake!


The Lyin’ King


i’m the king of lyin’ around, just like this pussycat. i especially like lying on clean laundry, right after it came out of the dryer and its been folded so its nice and warm! i get so toasty that i drift off in a nice long catnap.

but someone always wakes me because they need their sweatshirt or a towel. can’t they see that i need them too? how else am i going to keep warm? of course there’s always dinner- just thinking about food makes me warm all over. and especially today because we’re having hungarian goulash with spicy flank steak and dried marjoram and a ton of paprika and garlic.

that’ll keep me warm alright!