Jazzy Fuddles


i wonder what jazz musicians think about when they play those long improvisation pieces. i would think about food. i would picture a great big delicious meal, and every note i play would be one yummy bite.

i would play on and on, fantasizing about little appetizers like cheese balls or mango shrimps on goat cheese crisps, then a dinner salad with maybe smoked salmon and gouda cheese, to the main course which could be a new york steak or a roasted duck with small roasted garlic potatoes and carmelized onions and some squash, and then dessert, black berry pudding and pear pie would do the trick.

i would just keep playing until someone finally stopped me. and then i would have dinner.




2 thoughts on “Jazzy Fuddles

  1. Gosh! Everything you mention food wise sounds so amazingly wonderful. And it’s always dishes I’ve never had. I want to eat with Fuddles. Hahaha. Loving the blogs.

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