First day at Disney


here is frans with some of his cal arts classmates on their first day at the disney studio, september 1, 1981. frans is the tall one with the blond curly hair. they started in the training program with eric larson, one of disney’s legendary nine old men. after passing the training program they started work on “mickey’s christmas carrol.”

i have my own training program- climbing the couch 4 times each day, wind sprints to the kitchen, 10 push-ups  while i eat lunch. i’m in good shape! and i take care of myself- i eat 3 square meals plus snacks here and there, and 15 naps per day. it’s a tough schedule, but i manage.

and dinner is always a payoff. tonight it’s creamy creole mustard sauce on noodles with olive oil and pepper. it’s a really healthy meal! i prefer it with a filet mignon on the side, and a double scoop mocha ice cream for dessert.



2 thoughts on “First day at Disney

  1. Haha! That’s a great picture that I don’t have a copy of! I’m proud to be one of your Calarts classmates and thank you for sharing.

    • Hey Jill! Yeah, I didn’t have that picture either- Tony Anselmo posted it on Facebook, so I posted it here. pretty funny seeing us all back in those days.I hope you are well. Frans

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