“Pups of Liberty.”

Pups of Liberty_1 Pups of Liberty_2 Pups of Liberty_3frans worked on a short animated film called “the pups of liberty,” which is about the american revolution. it’s a fun film that explains how the american colonists protested against the british because england was making the americans pay lots of money to them so the americans had a big party but all they had was tea! what kind of a party is that?!

i would protest too if all i had was tea! and another thing i’d protest is the treatment of cats in the film. the good-guy americans were all dogs and the bad-guy british were cats!!! what does that say for us felines? i’d like to voice my disagreement on behalf of all cats!

they can have their tea party! tonight i’m having a big delicious pork chop with spicy brown mustard and worcestershire sauce and cut apples and pears. now that’s a party!


Santa reads Fuddles!

Santa reads Fuddles_v2look at santa having a jolly time reading fuddles! actually, he looks pretty serious. he must be thinking about all the good boys and girls to give fuddles to. he’s made his list and checked it twice, and now it’s nearly time to climb into the old sleigh for that all-night long trip.

i love christmas time. i get to eat all sorts of special things- baked ham or roast goose with port gravy or maple roast turkey or duck baked in raspbery sauce or yummy pheasant with snow peas. and for dessert i’ll get english walnut date cake and chocolate yule log and the ginger bread house and lots of egg nog and hot chocolate!

oh boy, i love christmas!!


Fuddles visits Santa

Fuddles visits Santai sat on Santa’s lap today and told him everything i wanted for christmas. first on my list is a big steak dinner, with a baked potato covered in butter and sour cream and bacon bits with chopped carrots and green beans!

second on my list is a bowl of boston clam chowder with diced onions and salt pork and hot pepper sauce and worcestershire and oyster crackers. next i’d like a big delicious cobb salad with hard-boiled peeled and chopped eggs, sliced bacon romaine lettuce,  diced cooked chicken, peeled and diced avocados, chopped tomatoes,  crumbled roquefort cheese,  dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, and crushed garlic cloves.

when i started telling santa the fourth thing on my wish list he told me to go away. he probably knows what i want. besides, i get that stuff for dinner all the time anyway, so i guess there isn’t much point for a list. and really all i want for christmas is a nice tummy rub and a nap on my comfy pillow.


Cheshire pampered cati would be all smiles too if i was pink with purple and magenta stripes and i could disappear whenever i want! just think how easy it would be to catch birdies, or those troublesome squirrels that are always scrounging around in my backyard!

i would love to get the jump on those squirrels, just sitting there in the grass without them seeing me, and just when they stood right beside me i would say hello! and watch them jump! oh, what fun i would have. and i would do that over and over, and watch those troublemakers scramble up the tree.

and then i would take a break to eat- maybe a ham sandwich on rye with mustard and lettuce and wensleydale cheese and lots of mayo and tomatoes.


Alfred Fuddleschlock

Alfred Fuddlecocki watch lots of movies from my comfy spot on the couch. i have lots of ideas for scary movies, like  a chef in a restaurant who cleans up the kitchen late at night and the vegetables come to life and attack him. or  a man visits a small town with lots of cats that follow him around and he gets really scared and hides in a house but the cats find him and he just escapes in a car. or a western about a dog gunslinger- he would be the bad guy, of course- and a cat sheriff- who would be the good guy- and they fwould have a big shoot-out on the street.

or i could do a musical about a girl cat who falls in love with a boy dog, and all the other cats and dogs start a big pie fight. i like pie fights. they’re the best things in movies! of course i would taste all the pies to make sure they were just right. i would use pumpkin pies, and lots of apple crumble pies, and lemon meringue pies and caramel pecan pies and cranberry apple pies and chocolate peanut butter pies and sour cream rhubarb pies and french strawberry pies and rum picard cheesecake pies and lots more.

and when the scene was over i would throw a big pie party for the whole crew!


Darth Vuddles

Darth Vuddlesmy family was watching a movie today, and there was someone walking around with a dark mask, and every time he appeared the music got really loud. and he breathed hard all the time. he was kind of scary, but all i could think about was how could he eat? no wonder he was breathing so hard all the time! the only thing that could fit through that mask was a straw. if that was me i wouldn’t be just breathing hard- i’d be cranky and weak and low of energy and i’d probably faint!

thinking about all that made me so hungry that i had a double portion of meatloaf for dinner followed by a big slice of pumpkin bavarian cream tart with nutmeg and extra thick cream and several flavored gelatin!


Los Angeles Galaxy wins soccer championship!

Los Angeles Galaxy soccer championyay! the galaxy won the major league soccer championship again! my family was on the couch jumping up and down and shouting as our soccer team beat the houston dynamo 3-1! i kept getting bumped off my pillow whenever the galaxy attacked the goal.

landon donovan played a great game, as did robbie keane and omar gonzales and the rest of the galaxy team. what a way for david beckham to end his career in america. we will miss him.

we would have had a very quiet dinner if the galaxy lost. but we celebrated with a big pork loin with oregano and thyme and minced garlic and a whopper banana split for dessert! oh boy, i can’t wait until next season starts!