Alfred Fuddleschlock

Alfred Fuddlecocki watch lots of movies from my comfy spot on the couch. i have lots of ideas for scary movies, like  a chef in a restaurant who cleans up the kitchen late at night and the vegetables come to life and attack him. or  a man visits a small town with lots of cats that follow him around and he gets really scared and hides in a house but the cats find him and he just escapes in a car. or a western about a dog gunslinger- he would be the bad guy, of course- and a cat sheriff- who would be the good guy- and they fwould have a big shoot-out on the street.

or i could do a musical about a girl cat who falls in love with a boy dog, and all the other cats and dogs start a big pie fight. i like pie fights. they’re the best things in movies! of course i would taste all the pies to make sure they were just right. i would use pumpkin pies, and lots of apple crumble pies, and lemon meringue pies and caramel pecan pies and cranberry apple pies and chocolate peanut butter pies and sour cream rhubarb pies and french strawberry pies and rum picard cheesecake pies and lots more.

and when the scene was over i would throw a big pie party for the whole crew!



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