Fuddles visits Santa

Fuddles visits Santai sat on Santa’s lap today and told him everything i wanted for christmas. first on my list is a big steak dinner, with a baked potato covered in butter and sour cream and bacon bits with chopped carrots and green beans!

second on my list is a bowl of boston clam chowder with diced onions and salt pork and hot pepper sauce and worcestershire and oyster crackers. next i’d like a big delicious cobb salad with hard-boiled peeled and chopped eggs, sliced bacon romaine lettuce,  diced cooked chicken, peeled and diced avocados, chopped tomatoes,  crumbled roquefort cheese,  dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, and crushed garlic cloves.

when i started telling santa the fourth thing on my wish list he told me to go away. he probably knows what i want. besides, i get that stuff for dinner all the time anyway, so i guess there isn’t much point for a list. and really all i want for christmas is a nice tummy rub and a nap on my comfy pillow.



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