Cats Don’t Dance reunion!

Cats Don't Dancefrans worked on this animated film many years ago. he was the lead animator on the villain, darla dimple, and her henchman, max. the film is set in hollywood’s golden era of the 1940’s, where people had all the leading roles and animals got only the small supporting roles. danny the cat wants to sing and dance in movies. when his idol, child actress darla, (who’s on-screen persona is an overly cute caricature of shirley temple, but off-screen is a little terror,) learns of this she has max stomp danny’s dreams.

spoiler alert! goodness ultimately triumphs, and danny and his animal pals star in a movie all their own. it’s a really fun movie that never really got it’s due recognition.

and who says cats don’t dance anyway? i dance all the time, especially when dinner is cooking. i just get so excited that i can’t stand still! especially when dinner is tuna casserole!

meow! screaming Darla Dimple crazy Darla Dimple 2 Darla Dimple 3 Darla Dimple 6 friendly Darla Dimple

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