Goldfinger and butterfinger

Goldfingerevery movie villain has an evil sidekick. and there’s nothing scarier than an evil cat. i could be be one of those, quietly sitting on my master’s lap, purring contently while plotting dastardly deeds.

the villain is often a rich guy who lives in a lavish palace and eats only gourmet food. if i wasn’t such a nice kitty, i could get used to the villain lifestyle- four square meals a day, with a shrimp cocktail or brie cheese and crackers snacks in between, served by beautiful people on silver trays.

i could think of a few deeds to do to the neighbor dog. i could dig under the fence to his doghouse and catnap him and torture him all night by scratching my nails on a blackboard. how eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil!!!


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