Cellular Shootout page 1

FLIP- Page 1frans made a short comic book story as part of a bigger comic book with other disney animators, to be called FLIP! it looks like the whole book won’t be made, so here is frans’ part, called “cellular shootout.” the blank circles were intended to be printed with animation drawings so they could work like a flip book.

the “cellular shootout” story is set in a movie studio, where 2 eager, young professionals aggressively compete to be their executive boss’ number one assistant.

i don’t have to compete to be my family’s number one. i get top cat treatment every day. i get my nails polished, my fur washed in a nice bath, and my tummy filled with lots of yummies. like tonight its chinese sea scallops with broccoli flowerets and bok choy and snow peas!


Fathers’ Follies!

FF_2013 Posterfrans is doing the fathers’ follies again! he and a bunch of other dads of verdugo woodlands elementary school in glendale will be dressing like ladies and doing their smooth dancing moves. this is the poster frans made for the show, joining a long line of disney artists going all the way back to 1947!

come watch the show and have a fun time and benefit our great school!

i don’t think i will be there- kitty cats are not allowed. so i’ll stay home to enjoy a nice big meal. i’m keeping my paws crossed for polish sausage, especially with chopped onions and julienned sweet yellow peppers and cajun seasoning!


A common cause


Felix & Jessie looking in-1 Felix & Jessie looking in-2look at these two, united in a common cause. they look so sad. i wonder if their owners forgot about them and left them out in the cold!

not my owners. they pamper me all day long. especially with food. i’m just licking my chops about the yummy chimichanga i’m having tonight. a hefty boneless shoulder chuck roast with bacon drippings and chopped roasted mild green chilis and sliced scallions! whoopee!

and meow!

Whistler’s mother’s cat

Whistlers mothers cati love art. i think i would be a good subject for paintings. you have to sit still for a long time, and i’m good at that. i can sit and stare for hours. it’s a calming thing to just sit. then i can think, and if i’m being painted the artist can capture my inner self.

if i’m looking forward to lasagna for dinner, then the artist can capture my peaceful demeanor. and if i’m conflicted, like if i can’t decide between ratatouille and canadian bacon with pineapple pizza, then the artist can paint my inner turmoil.

long live artists! and food!


Catamaringue pie

Catamaringue piei have dreams of floating on a chocolate ocean on a lemon meringue pie with a sail made of wensleydale cheese and a yummy flaky pie crust.

and after i wake up from my dream i’m going to have lobster ravioli for dinner with steamed asparagus and butternut squash and coconut shrimp.


Musical madcat

Music madcat Fuddlesi like music. if i could get on a piano i think i could play just fine- all you have to do is bang your paws over those black and white keys and all this pretty sound comes out!

i know that musicians think about their feelings when they play- that’s why they do love songs, or they think about nature or if they’re angry or sad.

i think about food.  i could play pretty music when i think of roasted lamb or pork chops or southern fried chicken with a big fancy dessert like chocolate peanut butter fudge. i could make a whole symphony about that!


Pokerface Fuddles

Pokerface Fuddlesi like those paintings of dogs playing poker. i think i could be a good poker player- i have a really good poker face so nobody knows what i’m thinking.

i try to match up the cards by their color, because that looks pretty. or i do black then red then black and red again. that’s pretty too! and when i’m done with that, i pretend i’m thinking about what the other players are doing, but what i’m really thinking about is food. i always think about food. and i’m thinking about creamy chicken asparagus casserole right now. yummy yummy.

and that’s better than any game of poker!


Kitty in a cupboard

Felix in nightstand-1Felix in nightstand-3Felix in nightstand-4i wonder why this kitty climbed into this cupboard- he doesn’t fit there at all! we cats are odd creatures. we have to explore places to know if we fit there or not. and then when we squeeze into a place, sometimes we can’t get back out again. life is a real trial for us cats- it’s never easy.

in fact, i’m getting a little stressed out thinking about this, so it’s time i take a long cat-nap and dream about dinner. i’m imagining a yummy chicken and gumbo sausage soup with bacon and andouille sausage and tomatoes and okra!

now that’s better than getting stuck in a cupboard!