Cellular Shoot-out page 7

FLIP-Final Page 7the race is on! the assistants have drawn their cellular weapons and are rushing to be the first to get the film director their boss wants to hire. zooming through their contacts, a promotion on the line, they frantically search for the name nelson, hoping it’s in their list.

i’m hoping for a grocery list. mom went shopping today, and my taste buds are set on lasagna with sweet italian sausage and chopped fresh parsley and dried basil leaves and mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese and minced onion and yummy seasoning.


Hungry kitty

Felix watches Jessie eatthis poor kitty looks so hungry. even though he just got fed, he still wants more. look how enviously he’s watching the dog eat.

luckily i always get as much as i want, because i’m a pampered cat. and tonight i’m getting really pampered because we’re having wisconsin bratwurst with frankfurter buns and grated sharp cheddar cheese and fried, crumbled bacon. with potatoes and carrots and onion and cabbage on the side!


Cellular Shoot-out page 5

FLIP-Final Page 5the drama builds as the executive assistants face off and reveal their modern weapons. fingers twitch, eyes blink, nerves freeze.

but i’m a nervous nilly! i have no idea what’s for dinner tonight, and that always makes me uptight. it could be bratwurst and sauerkraut or pasta with shrimp and scallops or  lamb chops with minced garlic. or it could be something completely different! we cats appear to be so calm and relaxed, but beneath the surface there’s a lot going on!

and dinner is at least 3 hours away!


Cellular Shoot-out page 4

FLIP-Final Page 4it’s back to the drama in the screening room. the executive is unhappy with the movie dailies, frustrated to be spending money on an artsy-fartsy black and white melodrama that no one wants to see. his assistants sense opportunity to distinguish themselves. they face off, like a pair of gunslingers of the old west.

and i will face off against an old west-style chili cheese burger with bacon and onions and paprika and dried leaf oregano and cayenne pepper and super thick barbeque sauce!


Cellular Shoot-out page 3

FLIP-Final Page 3a black and white who-dunnit, with a love-triangle death thrown in. the movie on the screen looks kind of cheesy, but the tension between the competing assistants is heating up.

speaking of  death and cheese and heating up… i’m dying for some hot fondue tonight. made with dry mustard and a pinch of nutmeg and a lot of crackers and pumpernickel bread and some blueberry pie for dessert.


Cellular Shoot-out, page 2

FLIP-Final Page 2the saga of the competing assistants continues.

i’m so intrigued to see how it ends! the tension is driving me crazy! i’m too uptight to take a catnap. maybe a snack will calm me down- some shrimp with worcestershire sauce and green onions for garnish, and maybe a bowl of pastaccio ice cream with chocolate syrup and a couple of cherries. that will do!