Duck store book-signings!

Balboa Island book-signing 

Balboa Island book-signing 2 Book-signing at the Duck storefrans did some more book-signings recently on balboa island in southern california and  the university of oregon in eugene. the university of oregon store is called the duck store. i think it should be called the cat store. cats are much more interesting than ducks!

us cats are smart. we don’t need to go to school to get our smarts- we have a highly developed, in-bred intelligence that other species can only dream of. all ducks do is waddle around and make noise!

i noticed in the picture a “cats don’t dance” jacket. now these people appreciate us! “cats don’t dance” is an animated movie that frans worked on. it’s about a cat named danny who overcomes discrimination in hollywood and he becomes a star! that’s what i should do so a big university will have a store named for cats!

but first i’m going to have lunch- yummy tuna melt sandwich with swiss cheese and a pickle and fries and lots of ketchup!



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