Frans and his muse

Frans & Felix in studio_6 Frans & Felix in studio_5 Frans & Felix in studio_9here is frans in his studio with his four-legged muse, being inspired to do great artwork.

i bet that kitty is inspired for something yummy. he’s thinking about his lunch. and so am i. drawing funny things is all good and well, but food is what really matters! that’s the gravy train! speaking of gravy- i’m thinking mashed potatoes with spinach puree and a nice, medium rare steak. oh yes, now that’s inspirational!



Smorgasbordi have wonderful catnaps dreaming about a gourmet kitchen right in my own house where i can just lie down and eat all i want and whatever i want. all i have to do is push a few buttons and open a spigot and the most delicious food just drops into my wide open mouth!

sometimes i dream about lasagna, or barbeque ribs, or tandori chicken, or… i could go on and on!

the only problem is when i wake up i’m starving! and then i have to wait for dinner, which for a cat with little patience is a very long time! so i’ll just take another nap and dream about something else, like playing in the snow. oh, but that makes me think about ice cream. i’ll dream about swimming in the ocean. no, that makes me think about shark fin soup! i’ll dream about watching tv. but now i’m picturing a cooking show!

that’s my real problem- all i dream about is food! oh, we all have our burdens to carry…


Tender Fuddles

Tender Fuddlesi should have my own gourmet cat food! i would have calamari flavor and shrimp and lobster and salmon flavor and macaroni and cheese flavor and ham and sausage and lamb flavor and gouda and boschetto and brie and bleu cheese and chicken tandoori flavor and pepperoni pizza flavor and french onion soup flavor and lots more.

that would make every cat in the world so happy!


Summer time!

Summer timeit’s that time of year to kick back and relax! my days are so busy and hectic- patrolling the backyard for gophers, visiting the kitchen to see what’s for dinner, keeping up on my naps, exploring the house for laundry to suckle, or chasing a toy mouse in the living room.

a hectic schedule like that can build up a lot of stress! and summer time is the time to relax, so i’m cutting back on activities. i can put off patrolling the yard until tomorrow, or running after a ball of yarn. i’m taking it easy for a while.

the only thing i can’t put off is thinking about meals. i’m dying to know what’s for dinner!! mom’s been out shopping and i have no idea what she’s getting! i tried to take a catnap but i can’t sleep. i decided to patrol the yard but i can’t concentrate! now i’m stressing out!! i can’t relax at all! how am i supposed to enjoy summer like this?!


Happy threesome

Happy threesomelook at these three relaxing under the table after a game of indoor soccer.

that’s what i like to do, but without all the running around. i leave the exercise to the others, so i catnap while they do all that huffing and puffing, and then when they rest i join them and take another nap! it’s much more restful that way.

and then i take a break from napping with a nice meal. today it’s chimichangas with shredded chicken and refried beans and tortillas and yummy monterey jack cheese and chopped fresh cilantro and shredded lettuce and diced jalapeno peppers.


King Fuddles

King Fuddlessometimes i dream about being a king who gets to eat as much as he wants whenever he wants. i’m a pampered kitty but i don’t get that kind of treatment. if i was a king i would have servants standing by and bringing me food all the time! i would eat roasted chicken all day long with yummy potatoes and meatballs and i’d get refills of chocolate milk all the time!


Eek! A mouse!!

Eek a mouse!!my family discovered a mouse in the kitchen, and they left me alone to deal with it. i don’t like mice- they’re filthy disgusting little creatures. i tried to avoid the kitchen, but that’s where my food bowl was and i was getting really hungry! at last i couldn’t take it any longer- i tiptoed toward my lunch, which was a yummy tuna melt with swiss cheese and fries, and what did i see munching on my lunch? not one but TWO MICE!!

i was so scared that i let out a shreek. i didn’t mean to sound so scared, but i just think mice are so icky! the mice ignored me and finished my lunch at their leisure. i was backed into a corner, and too afraid to move, so all i could do was watch them eat. and when they finally had had enough, they turned to me and nodded, and then they went away.

i was so distraught. i completely lost my appetite. i went to the couch and lay down for a catnap, but i couldn’t sleep at all. what an awful experience! i had to get back into a positive frame of mind, so i thought about things that i like and i thought about food. and then i realized that tonight’s dinner was chicken burritos, and that made me so happy that i snoozed off and had a nice dream about dinner.



Kitty taking a load off

Felix cleans himselfahhhhh, nothing like lounging on a comfortable bed. this kitty looks set to stretch out and enjoy a nice long snooze!

nice and long catnaps always work up a good appetite for me. and what better to look forward to than a slab of barbequed pork ribs with a side beans and garlic and worcestershire sauce!