Eek! A mouse!!

Eek a mouse!!my family discovered a mouse in the kitchen, and they left me alone to deal with it. i don’t like mice- they’re filthy disgusting little creatures. i tried to avoid the kitchen, but that’s where my food bowl was and i was getting really hungry! at last i couldn’t take it any longer- i tiptoed toward my lunch, which was a yummy tuna melt with swiss cheese and fries, and what did i see munching on my lunch? not one but TWO MICE!!

i was so scared that i let out a shreek. i didn’t mean to sound so scared, but i just think mice are so icky! the mice ignored me and finished my lunch at their leisure. i was backed into a corner, and too afraid to move, so all i could do was watch them eat. and when they finally had had enough, they turned to me and nodded, and then they went away.

i was so distraught. i completely lost my appetite. i went to the couch and lay down for a catnap, but i couldn’t sleep at all. what an awful experience! i had to get back into a positive frame of mind, so i thought about things that i like and i thought about food. and then i realized that tonight’s dinner was chicken burritos, and that made me so happy that i snoozed off and had a nice dream about dinner.



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