Summer time!

Summer timeit’s that time of year to kick back and relax! my days are so busy and hectic- patrolling the backyard for gophers, visiting the kitchen to see what’s for dinner, keeping up on my naps, exploring the house for laundry to suckle, or chasing a toy mouse in the living room.

a hectic schedule like that can build up a lot of stress! and summer time is the time to relax, so i’m cutting back on activities. i can put off patrolling the yard until tomorrow, or running after a ball of yarn. i’m taking it easy for a while.

the only thing i can’t put off is thinking about meals. i’m dying to know what’s for dinner!! mom’s been out shopping and i have no idea what she’s getting! i tried to take a catnap but i can’t sleep. i decided to patrol the yard but i can’t concentrate! now i’m stressing out!! i can’t relax at all! how am i supposed to enjoy summer like this?!


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