Smorgasbordi have wonderful catnaps dreaming about a gourmet kitchen right in my own house where i can just lie down and eat all i want and whatever i want. all i have to do is push a few buttons and open a spigot and the most delicious food just drops into my wide open mouth!

sometimes i dream about lasagna, or barbeque ribs, or tandori chicken, or… i could go on and on!

the only problem is when i wake up i’m starving! and then i have to wait for dinner, which for a cat with little patience is a very long time! so i’ll just take another nap and dream about something else, like playing in the snow. oh, but that makes me think about ice cream. i’ll dream about swimming in the ocean. no, that makes me think about shark fin soup! i’ll dream about watching tv. but now i’m picturing a cooking show!

that’s my real problem- all i dream about is food! oh, we all have our burdens to carry…



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