More Landon Donovan!

IMG_0912IMG_0906Landon Donovan in GlendaleLandon Donovan signs Marys ballhere’s landon donovan signing frans’ daughter’s soccer ball! yay! what a special moment that she will never forget!

just like i will never for get the yummy chicken ravioli meal i just had! at least until my next meal. hmmmm, i’m going to have a nice catnap and dream about my next yummy meal!


Los Angeles Galaxy star Landon Donovan visits Glendale

yay! america’s biggest soccer star, landon donovan, came to teach some youngsters about soccer and hard work and life. above all, have fun and do what you love, is what he told the kids.

frans’ daughter was there, learning some tricky soccer moves, and getting mr. donovan’s signature on a soccer ball. that ball will be treasured and never played with- it will be kept in a special place in her room, to inspiration her in all that she does.

i take mr. donovan’s advice every day! i have fun and do what i love all the time. i have lots of fun taking naps, and i love eating! in fact, i’m about to enjoy some chicken ravioli with a light tomato sauce and a ton of parmasan cheese!


Star gazer

Felix star-gazingsometimes i like to gaze at the stars, pondering what it’s all about. the universe is infinite, and we are but small and insignificant. what does it all mean? whether i nap in the living room or on a pile of laundry in the pantry, or i roam the backyard looking for squirrels, or explore the living room for the hundredth time – what does it all add up to?

but then i get hungry and i lose my train of thought and all i want is a pastrami sandwich with a sweet pickle and a bowl of ice cream.


Doing the catwalk

Society kittystrutting around with everyone looking my way, i can be a high class society kitty, walking the catwalk, doing my naturally adorable kitty walk.

and when i’m done walking, it’s time for eating! i have to keep up my voluptuous figure, and tonight i’m having polish sausage with scalloped potatoes and mushrooms and cheddar cheese and cottage cheese made with cream of chicken soup, with a bowl of rocky road ice cream for dessert!


Bookish kitty

Felix reads Fuddlesa quiet moment for reading a favorite book. we all need some moments of enlightenment and contemplation. after chasing squirrels and stalking birds, keeping a watchful eye on the living room and darting through the house from room to room, some down-time with a good book is the cat’s meow.


Comfort kitty

Felix resting on flooraaaaaahhh, lounging on a cool floor in the summer heat. one of my favorite things to do!

there’s nothing better than relaxing after a stressful day of exploring the backyard and chasing birds and squirrels and rooting out gophers and visiting my litter box and pacing patiently in the kitchen to wait for my lunch.


Fuddles sighting at the beach!

Mary Jane reads Fuddleswhat a fine day at the beach, relaxing in the sun with an engaging book! this lady is enjoying a good read. she’s clearly moved by the drama, adventure, laughter and some tears.

i’m moved by a smoked chicken pizza with gouda cheese and mushrooms and olives and red peppers!


SCBWI Summer Conference


 SCBWI-1 SCBWI-2 SCBWI-4SCBWI-3frans and some friends went to the society of children’s books writers and illustrators big summer conference last weekend in los angeles. lots of people gave great talks, and frans got to hear and meet all sorts of authors and illustrators and editors and agents, like richard peck, matt de la pena, laurie halse anderson, melissa manlove, henry winkler, lin oliver, jarrett krossoczka and jon scieszka.

these pictures are from saturday night’s pool-side black and white-themed party. other than my pink nose, i’m always ready for a black and white party! i bet they had great food there. i can imagine lounging pool-side with a shrimp cocktail and yummy quesadillas and chile relleno with some fancy vanilla creme brulee dessert!


Kitty eats dog food.


Felix and dogfood-4Felix and dogfood-1Felix and dogfood-2Felix and dogfood-3Felix and dogfood-6this kitty is enjoying an in-between meals snack. it’s just an empty bag of dog food, but there are always some crumbs left, and this hungry kitty is making sure he gets every last one.

dog food isn’t on my list of gourmet meals. i would rather wait and save my appetite for a yummy leg of lamb or chicken pad thai or spicy shark fin soup. but to each his own. bon appetit!