Happy Halloween!

trick or treati love halloween! i can’t wait till the kids come home with all their goodies! yummy yummy! chocolate, lollypops, licorice, all sorts of sugary stuff. and they share it all with me!

i don’t know why we give all that candy away when kids come to our door. they scare me half to death, and they have bags that are already full, and i have an empty tummy that needs filling. i’ll just go hide under my comfy pillow and wait.


So Cal Book scene brunch

SCIBA educators brunchSCIBA educators brunch-2frans was invited to the So Cal Indie Bookstore Association’s educator’s brunch in del mar on sunday. he met lots of book-lovers; teachers and librarians and bookstore owners and other authors and all they talked about was books.

i wouldn’t have had time to talk about books- not with all that food around. brunch is for eating, and that’s what i would’ve been doing the whole time! i can just imagine the bagels with salmon and cream cheese and scrambled eggs and bacon and sausages and … oh no! now i’m getting myself all hungry, and dinner time is almost an hour away!


Frans’ November Bay Area book-tour!

Frans reads Fuddles

2013 Bay Area Fuddles Xmas Book Tour

Friday, 11/1

                      2 pm, The Book Shop, Hayward

                           1007 B St, Hayward, CA 94541, (510) 538-3943

Saturday, 11/2

                      11 am, Books Inc. San Francisco

2251 Chestnut St.  San Francisco, CA 94123, (415) 931-3633

                       2:30 pm, Linden Tree Books, Los Altos

265 State St  Los Altos, CA 94022, (650) 949-3390,

Sunday, 11/3

                       11 am, A Great Good Place for Books, Oakland

6120 La Salle Ave. Oakland, CA 94611, (510) 339-8210

Monday, 11/4

                        9:30 am, Ventana School in Los Altos

1040 Border Rd  Los Altos, CA 94024, (650) 948-2151

                        2-4 pm, The Villages, San Jose

                        4:30-5:30 pm, Santa Clara Public library

                               2635 Homestead Road, Santa Clara, CA 95051

Tuesday, 11/5

                           9 am, Liberty School

170 Liberty School Road, Petaluma CA 94952, (707) 795-4380

                          10:45 am, Cinnabar Charter School

286 Skillman Ln  Petaluma, CA 94952, (707) 765-4345

                           1 pm, Miwok School

1010 St Francis Dr. Petaluma, CA 94954, (707) 765-4304

                            4 pm, Copperfield’s Bookstore, Petaluma, Meet & Greet

140 Kentucky St. Petaluma CA 94952, 707-762-0563

                             6-7 pm, ASK Fundraiser, Sonoma Mountain School

                             1900 Rainier Cir  Petaluma, CA 94954, (707) 765-4305

Wednesday, 11/6

                             8 am-noon, Guadalupe elementary school.

6044 Vera Cruz Drive, SJ, 95120, 408.268.1030 x107

                             5-6 pm, Barnes and Noble, San Jose

Blossom Hill, 5353 Almaden Expy, San Jose, CA, (408) 979-0611

Thursday, 11/7

                               8 am, Stanislaus Union Academy school

                                     1931 Kiernan Ave, Modesto, CA 95356, (209) 545-0718

                               11 am, Don Pedro Elementary school

2300 Don Pedro Rd  Ceres, CA 95307, (209) 556-1630

                                6-7 pm, Barnes & Noble, Modesto

Promenade Shopping Center, 3501 McHenry Avenue Suite E, Modesto, CA 95356, (209) 521-1118


whew! glad  just seeing all that makes me want to take a long catnap! wake me when it’s dinner time.



Book ends

Book-endsthis kitty is obviously a reader. surrounded by books, he’s clearly the intellectual type. he looks pensive, probably pondering what to read next. perhaps great expectations, or the great gatsby, or maybe pride and prejudice…

or maybe he’s pondering dinner. that’s what i’d be doing. i do my best thinking that way. lasagna, shrimp linguini, sushi, or cobb salad, or a juicy shark steak sandwich! oh, my head is swirling- it’s too much to ponder!

i should read something to clear my mind. maybe the cat in the hat!


(thanks to barbara for the picture, taken at frans’ Once Upon A Time book-signing)

Once Upon A Time bookstore visit


Felix at Once Upon A Time_1Frans Galo & Yvonne at Once Upon A TimeBook-signing at Once Upon A Time_1on sunday frans visited once upon a time in montrose, his neighborhood bookstore for a really fun book-signing. friends and strangers stopped by as frans did a fuddles drawing in each book sold. he was a busy guy! and his real cat was there, exploring the nooks and crannies of the store while the kids played with him.

and speaking of exploring, i want to investigate a fresh pasta cannelloni with sweet italian sausage and diced onions and  minced garlic and crushed tomatoes and skimmed ricotta and mozzarella and peas and eggs and some nutmeg! boy, that’s a mouthful! and i can’t wait to get my mouth full!


Fuddles Once Upon A Time bookstore visit!

Once Upon A Time Fuddles window displayyay! my first local bookstore visit is this sunday, october 13th, 2 pm at Once Upon A Time, in Montrose, CA, the country’s oldest children’s bookstore! frans’ real cat, the inspiration for fuddles will be there. we’ll have a “guess the cat’s weight” contest, and all the kids, (or adults,) can get their picture taken with frans and his cat. frans will draw pictures for everyone, and we may have a little writing session too, and lots of activities!

so come on out for all the fun!


Kitty on a big bed


Felix on bed_3 Felix on bed_1aaaaahh, nothing like a little luxury, (except a lot of luxury!) spreading out on a big bed. i have my own pillow to sleep on, but i can roll around on a big bed and stretch my legs. all i need is some fresh warm laundry to lie in, right out of the dryer. now that would be tops!

especially when i’m about to gorge myself on a grilled double beef chili cheese burger with bacon and mayo and a tomato and pickles!


A Very Fuddles Christmas is here!

Down the chimneyhere i am, sliding down the chimney, getting my beautiful fur coat all dirty! just one of the adventures i have in my new book. and it’s out today, at last, coming to bookstores! yay!

frans is doing lots of book-signings and school visits between now and christmas, so look out when he comes to your neighborhood!

i’m going to celebrate by having a great big tuna-melt sandwich with swiss cheese and relish and a sweet pickle. and then i’ll take a big nap!