A relaxing massage!

Massagethere’s nothing like a back massage to relax those aching muscles! after a hard day of exploring the backyard and chasing squirrels and rooting out gophers and sharpening my claws and lots of trips up and down the stairs, i need some down time. after a good back rub all that stress fades away and i feel like myself again, ready for a long catnap and then a big meal.

i’m not sure what’s for dinner, but i’m dreaming about a big ol’ pizza with crumbled gorgonzola cheese and a bunch of mushrooms and shallots and onions and ricotta and baked chicken all smothered in spaghetti sauce!


Nap buddies


Felix & Jessie Felix and Jessie sharinglook at these two sharing some peaceful quiet time. when it’s cold a nice warm bed is the coziest thing, especially with a furry buddy. and when it’s hot the floor keeps me nice and cool.

i love lounging around the house, watching the family working around me cleaning up or putting things away or especially fixing dinner.  and when dinner is something really special, like chicken and dumplings with chopped celery and bay leaves and onions and cream of chicken soup and garlic powder, that makes me so happy i just stretch out on the floor with a big wide grin.


Fuddles snores

this kitty is enjoying a nice catnap. listen carefully to his snoring- i bet he’s dreaming about food, like a nice baked trout with diced tomatoes and brown rice and minced garlic and some wedges of lemon and fresh sprigs of parsley and maybe a few scoops of rocky road ice cream.

that’s what i would be dreaming about.


Fly catching

Fly catchingi was in the middle of a relaxing catnap, snuggled up on my pillow, when something woke me up. i heard buzzing in my ear. i thought there was something wrong with my ear, so i shook my head and the buzzing went away. i got back to my catnap, but then the buzzing sound returned! i sat up and saw a big fat disgusting fly!! how did a fly get into my house?!

fast as a whip i jumped straight up and went after that nuisance. he flew away, but i wasn’t giving up. i jumped up on the couch and swatted at him with both my paws, and i nearly got him. then i jumped on the coffee table, and then on a bookcase, but each time he got away. i raced all through the house chasing that nasty fly. i was getting really tired, but i kept at it. upstairs in a bedroom i finally lost him. i scared him off good! good riddance, i thought, as i proudly waddled down the stairs.

and for my reward, mom gave me a big bowl of chinese noodles with kung pao chicken and hot and sour soup! every bite and sip was heavenly, and after the last bite my tummy was nearly bursting. so i dragged myself back to my pillow for a nice long nap.

then i heard some buzzing in my ear.



Savedi was chasing some pesky squirrels away from our yard. they climbed up a tree and snickered, but i scrambled right after them. they went higher and higher, and so did i. i climbed higher than i ever climbed before! and then i looked down and i got really dizzy.

i forgot all about those squirrels. i couldn’t move, either up or down. i just stayed there, holding on for my life. i don’t know how long i was there- it felt like days. my tummy rumbled from hunger, and i wanted to use my litter box. i called my family over and over. i thought i would be up there for ever, but finally somebody noticed me. a man appreciated my meowing because he tossed his shoe at me.

then two firefighters came up in a box on a ladder and they saved me!

i’m staying on my pillow for a long time. except maybe for dinner. hmmm, yummy lasagna…



this poor kitty is sooooo hungry. see how patiently he paces back and forth while his tummy rumbles. he’s probably humming “anticipation” as he waits endlessly for the nourishment to fulfill his appetite.

i know the feeling well. right after lunch i take a nap and i dream about dinner, and when i wake up i’m already hungry but i have to wait several dreary long hours. a fat cat’s life isn’t as easy as it appears. but i have to think positively. and tonight, i’m positive we’re having filet mignon! i love it wrapped in bacon and smothered with horseradish that makes my nose get all tingly!


Dancing in the new year!

Light as a featheri’m dancing the new year in, working off a few extra pounds. i had such a nice christmas season, doing lots of movie watching and napping and above all, eating. i indulged in ham and turkey and mashed potatoes and eggnog and pies and cakes and chocolate and roasted chestnuts and candy canes.

now it’s time to get back my natural vigor so i’ll be in shape for exploring the backyard and chasing those pesky squirrels. i don’t like to exercise, so i’m dancing around the living room, twirling and hopping and prancing.