Savedi was chasing some pesky squirrels away from our yard. they climbed up a tree and snickered, but i scrambled right after them. they went higher and higher, and so did i. i climbed higher than i ever climbed before! and then i looked down and i got really dizzy.

i forgot all about those squirrels. i couldn’t move, either up or down. i just stayed there, holding on for my life. i don’t know how long i was there- it felt like days. my tummy rumbled from hunger, and i wanted to use my litter box. i called my family over and over. i thought i would be up there for ever, but finally somebody noticed me. a man appreciated my meowing because he tossed his shoe at me.

then two firefighters came up in a box on a ladder and they saved me!

i’m staying on my pillow for a long time. except maybe for dinner. hmmm, yummy lasagna…



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