Fly catching

Fly catchingi was in the middle of a relaxing catnap, snuggled up on my pillow, when something woke me up. i heard buzzing in my ear. i thought there was something wrong with my ear, so i shook my head and the buzzing went away. i got back to my catnap, but then the buzzing sound returned! i sat up and saw a big fat disgusting fly!! how did a fly get into my house?!

fast as a whip i jumped straight up and went after that nuisance. he flew away, but i wasn’t giving up. i jumped up on the couch and swatted at him with both my paws, and i nearly got him. then i jumped on the coffee table, and then on a bookcase, but each time he got away. i raced all through the house chasing that nasty fly. i was getting really tired, but i kept at it. upstairs in a bedroom i finally lost him. i scared him off good! good riddance, i thought, as i proudly waddled down the stairs.

and for my reward, mom gave me a big bowl of chinese noodles with kung pao chicken and hot and sour soup! every bite and sip was heavenly, and after the last bite my tummy was nearly bursting. so i dragged myself back to my pillow for a nice long nap.

then i heard some buzzing in my ear.



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