Tweeting puttytat

Tweeting puttytatthe kids in my house have these things that beep and ring and buzz and make all sorts of sounds. they sit there  talking to them, and i can hear voices coming out of them too. the kids tap on these things with their fingers and i wonder what would happen if i could play with them, but i don’t have opposable thumbs.

if i did then i could hold those things and then maybe it would make me laugh out loud too and i could shout at them and dance around the house to the music it plays. maybe if i ate it my tummy could play music, but it doesn’t look very yummy.

i’ll just wait until dinner time for something yummy. fried buffalo wings with bleu cheese dressing and hot sauce and garlic powder and paprika and celery sticks. that sounds much better!



2 thoughts on “Tweeting puttytat

  1. Felix AKA Fuddles you are simply adorable! You put a smile on my face after much of the day spent without power and lots of ice! Me-OWWWWWW to you!

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    • Thank you for the great comment, Terrie. Fuddles is very sorry for that awful weather, (he really doesn’t do well in snow,) but he’s glad he was able to make you smile. Hang in there!

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