Morning stretch

A morning stretchi like to stretch after a nice long nap. i always curl up when i sleep, and my body gets tight like a knot. it’s probably because i think about big important things when i snooze, like if i have hamburgers for lunch, should i have steak for dinner or something vegetarian? pondering these thoughts makes my body tense, so when i wake up i shake my fanny and stretch my legs to get all the kinks worked out. sometimes it’s a real work-out, and then i’m so hungry i could eat a horse! i’ve never actually eaten a horse, but i looooove duck a l’orange!

hmmmmm, i can just taste the zesty orange sauce made with peychaud bitters and grand marnier, with garlic and onions and chopped celery, served with sweet potatoes and spiced butter pecan topping!


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