Felix selfie 2 Felix selfie 1frans likes to take lots of pictures of me. sometimes he puts himself in the picture too. he makes silly faces which he thinks is really funny. i don’t really care for it- but it makes frans happy so i put up with it.

people do odd things that i just don’t understand. they like picking me up and waving my paws. or they toss ping pong balls for me to chase. i do it just to humor them until they go away, and then i continue with my catnap. sometimes people take pictures of me when i’m snoozing. they laugh really hard and then i wake up. i don’t know what’s so funny about pictures of somebody sleeping, but it seems to make people happy.

what makes me happy is a big bowl of chicken chili with green chile peppers and shredded monterey jack cheese and cayenne pepper and ground cumin and olive oil and lots of sour cream. i can picture that!


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