Face off

face-offthe dog currently residing in our house likes to lounge in all my places. i constantly have to remind him that this is my domain and that i let him stay here out of the goodness of my heart. i keep waiting for a family to adopt him and take him away…

he really pushes my patience. some days i’m taking a nice nap on the couch, and that loudmouth wakes me up with his barking, just because the mailman came by! and then when i’m having an afternoon treat, he slobbers all over it drinking from his water bowl. and then, if someone comes to visit, he goes absolutely bonkers, running around the house barking up a storm. you’d think he was told we’re having steak for dinner!

i don’t like dogs. they have absolutely no manners. cats are so much more refined and cultured. i’m going to find a quiet spot, away from loudmouth, where i can think and plot how to get rid of him…


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