On the prowl

Felix stalking-1Felix stalking-2like a tiger searching the vast grasslands for prey, i’m always on the lookout for pesky squirrels that invade my territory and eat avocados and taunt me from high in the trees.  i’m always on my guard, my primal instincts attuned to my surroundings. i have such a sharp sense of smell that i can spot intruders in a flash, their scent alerting my highly tuned nostrils so i can strike in an instant.

for instance, i’m smelling something right now. i sniff, sniff some more, all the while analyzing the smell and where it’s coming from. i’m on high alert, ready to face the imposter and defend my homeland. the scent becomes stronger. my muscles tense up, i’m ready to pounce. ooh! the smell is tangy, spicy, kind of yummy. wait a minute, it’s spaghetti and meatballs! it’s dinner time! yay, here i come!


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