Felix & Jessie-5Felix & Jessie-4i really dislike dogs, and i resent having to share my house with one. everywhere i want to go, he goes too! i just want some peace and quiet, catnapping on the couch. but he goes berserk every time someone comes to the door, barking like it’s the end of the world, giving me a heart attack!

i used to have this place all to myself. life was sweet- the days were long and relaxing. but for some stupid reason, my family decided that wasn’t good enough, so now we have mr. loudmouth. and he’s such a slob! you should see him drinking from his water bowl. just hearing him drink is enough to make me gag! i try to get away from him, but no matter how fast i run, he stays right behind! he thinks i’m playing games- he has no idea how i despise him! and worst of all, he never gets tired- he’s got limitless energy- i can’t possibly keep up with him.

i need to plot how to get rid of him, but for that i need a quiet place to think!! oh, it feels so hopeless..!

maybe some pizza will ease my mind. hmmm, four-cheese with mushrooms and peppers. i’m feeling more relaxed already…



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