A quiet place to read.

A quiet place to read



there’s nothing like a quiet place to read. i love being engrossed in a good book, something with passion

that just grabs me and won’t let go. a plot filled with surprises, like the sudden appearance of a tart lemon

with a twist, or a spicy avocado that becomes the villain that gives me heartburn.

i do some of my best reading right before dinner- to really put me in the mood. a juicy french tale

a lonely fig meeting a saucy tomato in a hot frying pan, ooh la la! the fireworks go off in my tummy!

at the moment i’m thoroughly enraptured with a romance between a smoked trout and a green cabbage.

coming from different lands and thrown together against their will, forced to mix with raspberry vinegar,

fresh raspberries and rapeseed oil,  i can just taste a gastronomically enriching ending. 





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