Hey, where’s dinner?!

Where is dinner


don’t you hate that when you’re hungry and you think it’s dinner time but it isn’t? i have a finely tuned stomach

that tells me exactly when it’s time for a meal. but sometimes my family’s timing is off. they sit there watching tv

or kicking a ball in the backyard. it’s as if they’re purposely making me wait. don’t they know how important food is?!

i try to remind them, but then they just pet me and rub my tummy. that’s nice and all, but it doesn’t fill my belly.

i don’t need attention, i need nourishment! i get really testy when i’m hungry. life can be so trying, some days.

i wish people understood what we cats go through!





sometimes my family takes me out on trips. the other day we went to the beach and i watched all these

people rollerskating. they make it look so easy but i don’t think i would do well, even with four legs.

i’m perfectly content sitting at a beach-side cafe, watching the daredevil speed skaters zoom by while i work

on a delicious bowl of clam chowder with chunks of potato and minced onions and diced celery and a little

black pepper followed by an ice cream sundae smothered  with chocolate syrup and chopped almonds

and a cherry on top.


Inspiring future writers!

Balboa elementary-1


Balboa elementary-2


Balboa elementary-cover 2


Balboa elementary-cover 1


Balboa elementary-letter 3


Balboa elementary-letter 2


Balboa elementary-letter 1


frans visited an elementary school in glendale yesterday. he went to a bunch of classrooms to read fuddles

and draw forthe kids and to talk about writing and illustrating. the kids asked all sorts of questions about me,

because of course, it is all about me!

frans had lots of fun, but i had an even better time because i home enjoying a bowl of spicy chili for lunch,

followed by a nice nap!


Kitty on the move.

Felix in suitcase


this kitty has found a nice, warm spot for a nap. he and his owner might be in for a surprise when they get to wherever they are going!

hopefully they’re not going not too far, that suitcase looks pretty stuffed!

that reminds me of the meal i just stuffed myself with- lobster tail dipped in butter sauce with ground paprika and wedges of garnish.

it was so yummy that i stuffed my tummy, and now the idea of going on a road trip, bouncing around in a stuffed suitcase, would make

me lose my yummy meal. i think i’ll take a catnap on a pillow or the laundry basket, something that stays in one place.


Food lovers dating site

food-lovers dating site


if i could work a computer i would sign up for a food-lovers dating site. ah, love…how romantic

to talk about food with a kitty cat that shares my love for lasagna and broiled tilapia and duck

a l’orange and tri tip steak and, i could go on and on!

i’m purring just thinking of it! the conversation could get quite scintillating… ooh, i’m get all hot

under the collar imagining a juicy leg of lamb for two, or sharing a swordfish with a frisky tabby!

oh, i’m feeling hot flashes! i’d better take a nap to calm myself down.


A Fuddles drawing lesson!

Frans at Redlands B&N

frans did a day of school visits in redlands in southern california last week. he visited crafton elementary, smiley elementary and arroyo verde

elementary school, talking about me and reading fuddles and showing video clips of me and animation that frans did. then there was a school

book fair for arroyo verde at the redlands barnes and noble, and frans did a drawing fuddles lesson.it was lots of fun and the kids had a great time!

i had a great time too! i was home having a wonderful catnap and a wonderful catfish lunch and another catnap and then a terrific mahi mahi burger

with onion rings dipped in ranch dressing and a chocolate chip milkshake!


Bookstore day

Bookstore Day


frans did a drawing of me on a t-shirt and donated it to copperfield’s bookstore in petaluma in northern california. they had

a big bash last weekend to celebrate national bookstore day,  and this lucky person won the raffle and got to keep the shirt!

now she can walk around everywhere with me!

i would rather win a nice steak or a juicy lamb chop myself.  they say that clothes make the man, but i prefer, you are what you eat!


Floor excercises

floor excercises-1 floor excercises-2


i do great workouts on the floor, stretching those tight thigh muscles, feeling the burn, working up a sweat, washing the stress of the day fade away.

And then it’s chow time! nothing stresses me out more than worrying about my next meal, wondering if it’s fish and chips or barbeque chicken or

lasagna! i get so worked up that i need another work out to get rid of the stress, and then i’m even hungrier than before, which makes me stressed out!

a cat’s life is so stressful!


Black and white

Fuddles w soccer ball 1

Fuddles w soccer ball 2

Fuddles w soccer ball 3


for a long time the kitty studied the odd creature in his backyard. just like him, it was all black and white,

and just like him, it didn’t move. at last the kitty took a hesitant step forward. the thing before him didn’t move.

the kitty took another step, wondering what the creature would do, but it remained perfectly still. perhaps it’s

resting, thought the kitty.  perhaps i should do that too.

i’ll have a pastrami sandwich on rye with mustard and swiss cheese first, thought the kitty, and so he went on

his way, leaving the odd black and white creature to its own thoughts.