Floor excercises

floor excercises-1 floor excercises-2


i do great workouts on the floor, stretching those tight thigh muscles, feeling the burn, working up a sweat, washing the stress of the day fade away.

And then it’s chow time! nothing stresses me out more than worrying about my next meal, wondering if it’s fish and chips or barbeque chicken or

lasagna! i get so worked up that i need another work out to get rid of the stress, and then i’m even hungrier than before, which makes me stressed out!

a cat’s life is so stressful!


2 thoughts on “Floor excercises

  1. Hi, Fuddles!

    I just wanted to let you know that my kitty, Dynah, loves to exercise too! She finds that laying on her back helps re-align her chakras so she can usually be found belly-up. Check it out: http://materialgirl2383.tumblr.com/page/2.

    I also wanted to say thanks for writing such an amazing story about your exciting life. There are many, many kitties like you who have dreamed big, which makes you an excellent role model for my little Dynah.

    • Thanks for the great comments! I visited Dinah’s Adventures in Paris. She’s a beauty! And what fun she must have with such a great family. I love the belly-up picture on your lap. She’s a very fortunate cat.
      Just like Fuddles!
      All the best to you, and happy meowing!

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