Soccer fever!


Soccer fever

frans and his youngest daughter and his brother went to a pub to see america play germany in the world cup.

the place was packed with soccer fans, and they all  did a lot of shouting and clapping and hand-slapping.

germany barely won the game, but america had enough points to go into the next round.

that’s all very nice, but I wanted that english breakfast they had- sausage, bacon, beans, toast and eggs!

now that’s worth shouting about! I would’ve been screeching at the top of my lungs with a meal like that!

i’m into this soccer stuff. the next game I’m coming along and i’m bringing my appetite.


Soccer dream

Soccer dream


i keep having dreams about a black and white ball coming towards me and no matter how hard

i run and turn and change direction it keeps on coming. even if i speed up it just keeps rolling

along. i can’t escape it!

and then i wake up on my comfy pillow and i’m exhausted and i’m starving from all that running!

then i quickly have my breakfast, maybe some scones or cinnamon raisin bagels with cream

cheese, and then i have a nice catnap and after that i’m ready for a nice day.


Stay out of my kitchen!

Stay out of my kitchen


kitty cats and dogs have to know their place in the house, and the

cat’s place is in the kitchen. that’s the way things are. actually, the

living room and the bedrooms are my place too, but especially

the kitchen!

this dog doesn’t like it, but she has to know that cats have a very

refined pallet of taste and smell. we don’t eat just anything put in

front of us! but dogs just wolf down whatever is put in front of them.

how unsophisticated! a good meal is something to treasure! i think

i’ll take a nap and dream about food.




Meatball football!

Meatball football


while frans is watching all that world cup soccer, i had an idea about playing soccer with a

giant meatball. instead of heading the ball, the players take a bite out of it. what a yummy

game that would be! and the winner would be the player that takes the last bite.

wait a minute- i’m not a very good jumper. i would never get any bites! i may have to adjust

the rules for us portly cats. or maybe i should play in goal- i can stop the meatball with my mouth!

thanks to shelley for the suggestion!


The World Cup!

The World Cup


frans is going to vanish from the real world for a while. he’ll be in front of the tv or at a restaurant

with his friends, screaming and jumping and acting like a maniac as a bunch of people run around

kicking a ball. i chase a ball around the yard sometimes, but then i get tired so i take a nice catnap,

and i dream of scoring a beautiful goal!

for frans this is almost like heaven- 3 games every day, and he can support his 2 favorite teams,

america and holland. the americans will wear their red white and blue shirts, and the dutch are

always in orange, so that’s what frans will wear for the next month.

i just hope he doesn’t forget to feed me…




Dressed to fill!

Felix with bandana


this kitty looks like he’s ready for a night on the town- dressed to fill! his tummy,

that is. a nice fancy dinner, with a view and good service. a yummy plate of fried

oysters or maybe tandari chicken or a greek lamb feta sandwich with some moussaka!

actually, that’s exactly what i get at home! i don’t need to go anywhere or dress up-

i get this everyday. there’s nothing like being a pampered fat cat!





Reading buddies

reading with a friend


this is frans’ son when he was just a little boy, having a story time on his mom and dad’s bed

with his pal. it must be a gripping story.  that kitty looks engrossed- look at his rapt attention!

the only thing missing is a nice snack- maybe a big bowl of popcorn with skittles or

marsh mellows or smores or chocolate-covered donuts with jelly filling.