Cat business



i’m glad i don’t have to dress up in a suit and tie to go to work in an office every day. my

office is my pillow, and my litter-box is where i do my business, and i don’t have to dress

up for that!


T G I F!



people keep saying tgif to each other, and then they smile and walk away. i have no idea what tgif means,

but it sure makes everybody happy.

what makes me happy is a nice big juicy steak! with a baked potato and sour cream and melted cheddar

cheese, now that’s happiness!

bon appetit, that’s what i say!


I love lounging!

Felix spread over couch-1


Felix spread over couch-2


i just love lounging. i can do it just about everywhere. but nothing beats the comfort of a couch! especially

under a nice warm lamp. i snooze for hours and hours. the only thing to stop me from snoozing any longer

is food. but after a light lunch, say a chili cheeseburger on a toasted wheat bun, with gorgonzola cheese

sprinkled with bacon bits and a sweet pickle , i’m right back on the couch armrest for another snooze.

no time to lose, because it’ll be dinner time before i know it!

you can never lounge too much!



Is this love?!

Meg & Felix


this is frans’ daughter, just eating up this kitty.

he doesn’t seem to appreciate a good hugging- he’s just being loved

up and down! maybe he’s hungry and would rather be eating.

i understand how he feels. i know i get a little cranky when i’m hungry,

and a long, drawn-out petting session can be annoying when your mind

is on a big bowl of linguini and clams with a slice of carrot cake for dessert.


The World Cup doesn’t runneth over…

World Cup


what’s the big deal about winning a cup that you can’t even drink from? i’d much rather have

a big cup of milk, or better yet, a chocolate chip milk shake in a big mug. this is what those

guys on tv were running around for?

i don’t understand people at all. i say if you can’t eat or drink it, it isn’t worth doing! and now

i’m taking a nap to dream about something i can eat.


Food envy…

Envy 2Envy 1


i know envy is not good trait, but it so pains me to see others eating when i’m not. never mind that i already had a

yummy chicken avocado omelet with onions and salsa and cheddar cheese. but that was almost an hour ago, and this

one always waits for ever to eat his breakfast so it sits there just begging me to eat it but i can’t!

a cat’s life is so frustrating sometimes. no one appreciates food like me, and i am being tortured daily watching this

slob finally getting around to eating…




Holland fan!

Holland fan


watching world cup soccer is such a nerve-wracking thing. i don’t know how people do it game after game.

the tension is unbearable! your team can be winning for most of the game, and suddenly the other team scores

two goals and suddenly your team is losing. and now holland is one win away from being in the final and my

family is going nuts!

speaking of nuts, i’d rather eat them! and all the other goodies, like dutch cheese and dutch chocolate and  yummy

dutch cookies and bitterballen and poffertjes and croquetten and nasi goreng. that makes all the anxiety worth

it to me!

go holland!


Happy 4th of July!

4th of July


watermelon, corn on the cob, hot dogs, bacon and beans, barbecue ribs, and peach cobbler for

dessert, and then a nice long cat nap! i love the 4th of july! except for that noise at night. after

eating all day long i just want to sleep, and just when i doze off i hear all this racket, and

things are exploding in the sky! how am i supposed to digest my meals?

so i just hide in a cupboard with some underpants over my ears until it’s passed. and then it’s

july 5th and i get to eat a bunch of left-overs all day long, and i don’t have to worry about

that noise anymore.


Soccer fan!

Soccer fan


soccer fans are such funny people. they dress up in silly outfits and paint their faces and stand

for half the game singing songs. and when somebody scores a goal they jump up and down and

shout and slap their hands and go nuts.

there’s only one thing i get that excited about- food! so when our team scores a goal and

everybody in my house is jumping on top of each other, i quickly fill up on the snacks.