A comfy ride

Travel-ready Felix

a cozy suitcase packed with warm clothes is a great place for a nap! i love squirming into a thick

sweater or a soft shirt. i would like to go on a big trip. not on a plane, but on a train. i’d sit back,

staring out the window watching the scenery go by, enjoying a yummy shrimp cocktail and

roasted peanuts and a glass of buttermilk.

i wouldn’t really care where i was going, as long as i get lots of yummy food!


Pastry chef Fuddles

Chef Fuddles

I would make a great pastry chef. i would make sure everything tastes

really good because i would taste everything i bake! i would make pastries

and cakes and tarts and cream puffs and pies, and i’d use extra thick whip

cream and a ton of butter and sugar and caramel and every yummy thing

i can think of!

all i need is an apron and that big white hat!


Doctor Fuddles

Dr Fuddles

i dream of being a vet so i could treat dogs in my own special way. i would purge their desires to chase and pester cats, and bark loudly during catnaps, and growl whenever we scratch the furniture. i would use my persuasive methods to convince those tedious, foul-smelling, obnoxious creatures to change their ways. 

A mere half hour of my time would reduce a wild barking beast to a sweet soft mushpot, fearful of crossing paths with a cat! the world would be safe for all cats if i was a vet! Woo ha ha ha ha ha ha! i would make such a good doctor! cats everywhere would worship me, seeking my services for the betterment of their neighborhoods! 

ah, if only dreams would come true…


The Orange County Children’s Book Fair!

OC Book Fest


frans will be at the orange county children’s book fair on sunday, september 28th! he’ll be signing fuddles books all day, and

he’s going to do a fuddles drawing demonstration for kids and their parents on the illustrator’s stage at 10 am.

that’s no big deal to me. i see that all the time. i watch frans draw in his studio all day long. it gets kind of boring, just

sitting there making a bunch of drawings. so i take a nap and dream about my next meal. that’s much more interesting .

ahh, chicken wings, corn dogs, tuna salad swedish pancakes…



Napping together

Felix on sleeping Frans-4

Felix on sleeping Frans-3


sometimes when frans needs an idea he takes a nap on my couch. i think naps are always good ideas.

and i’m full of good ideas. lounging around fills my head with great thoughts- lamb shanks with chili

glaze, saffron shrimp with caramelized onion and gnocchi, french onion soup with onions and extra


now I need a nap to ponder all that!


Reading the sports page

Reading the sports page


i like keeping up with sports. who scored the goals, and how many points does my soccer team have. good tidbits

for party conversation. when i’m munching on a carrot stick or a meatball, i like to have something besides food to

talk about. of course i’d much rather talk about food. what’s more interesting than that? but i consider myself a

well-rounded cat, (in more ways than one!) and i like to discuss world affairs when we have company over.

for example, what’s the current craze in the world of french cuisine? or what’s the latest in chinese cooking?

fascinating topics for a fascinating cat.

they say knowledge is power, and i like food for thought, almost as much as i like food itself!


Flying Fuddles superhero

Flying Fuddles Superhero


if i was a superhero, i’d fly through the sky like a speeding bullet, saving some poor kitty stuck in a tree, or

a helpless kittycat being chased by a mean big dog. the only problem, i get dizzy and nauseous with heights

over six feet, so i’d have to be careful not to look down.

other than that, i’d make a good superhero. i’d swoop down and plop on bully dogs and flatten them, or i could

toss a pie in their face and blind them.

actually, i wouldn’t waste a good pie on a dog! i’d rather eat it myself. hmmmmm, a nice cherry pie with  a flaky

crust and custard ice cream…… forget being a superhero. i’d rather be me!





cathartic is one of my favorite cat words. i love stretching out on the couch after a nice big meal, relaxing,

clearing my head, getting all the worried thoughts out. it’s so therapeutic. sometimes my hectic schedule just

gets a bit too much, so some down-time is in order.

aaaaahh, i’m feeling better all ready. in fact, i feel so good that i’m getting hungry!



An unimpressed reader

An unimpressed reader


this boy is totally unfazed. getting to sit on an author’s lap and having a book read to him and

getting his book personalized with a drawing of me didn’t impress him at all. some crowds can be

tough. frans does a lot of funny stuff when he goes to schools or bookstores and reads to kids, and

he does funny drawings of me doing silly things.

but some customers can be challenging. when it comes to food, i can be a tough customer.

sometimes i get leftovers, and i can right away tell that my food isn’t as fresh as it should be. after

all, there are only three meals each day, so they all should be special! i’m thinking about lunch now,

tuna spinach salad with fresh avocado and lemon juice and peppers and  balsamic vinegar and

shredded carrots.

yum yum. and the spinach better be fresh!