An unimpressed reader

An unimpressed reader


this boy is totally unfazed. getting to sit on an author’s lap and having a book read to him and

getting his book personalized with a drawing of me didn’t impress him at all. some crowds can be

tough. frans does a lot of funny stuff when he goes to schools or bookstores and reads to kids, and

he does funny drawings of me doing silly things.

but some customers can be challenging. when it comes to food, i can be a tough customer.

sometimes i get leftovers, and i can right away tell that my food isn’t as fresh as it should be. after

all, there are only three meals each day, so they all should be special! i’m thinking about lunch now,

tuna spinach salad with fresh avocado and lemon juice and peppers and  balsamic vinegar and

shredded carrots.

yum yum. and the spinach better be fresh!



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