Scary cat!

Scary cat

halloween scares me. all these weird looking people coming by my house, making all that noise. and

there’s all this scary stuff on tv. and my family just hands out a bunch of candy to everybody that

comes to the door!

we have this big orange bowl filled with goodies, and i’m watching it slowly disappear! that’s very

painful for a kitty like me that appreciates yummy things. i just hope there’ll be something left over

for me…


Young Fuddles reader

Young reader

look at this avid young reader, appreciating my adventures! she looks so intrigued as i work

out to prepare for the great outdoors.

i love entertaining kids almost as much as i love eating! it’s hard to beat a happy kid’s smile,

but a heaping plate of beet pickled deviled eggs will do the trick. add a chocolate peanut

butter cheesecake, and food wins, paws down!


Birdman, or the expected virtue of ignorance


sometimes i pretend i’m a superhero and i can fly like a bird. i go way up high, and then i can

finally catch those birdies that come into my backyard and make all that racket, trying to annoy

me because they think i can’t catch them. but when i’m birdman i can!

if i think really hard, and listen to that little voice in my head that says, yes i can! i think i could

fly. yesterday i jumped from the bench in my yard and i tried hard to fly, but i fell straight down

on my snout. i think i didn’t think hard enough. i’ll try again today, but first i need food. i can’t

think on an empty stomach. a tuna melt with relish and swiss cheese and a sweet pickle will do.

and then i’ll be ready to fly!


A meatball named desire

A meatball named desire.

eating is a very personal thing for me, so i like to get to know my meals. sometimes i name my meals joy, because food makes me happy. or passion, because i’m very passionate about eating. or desire, because i always desire more when i’m finished.

food is very special to me, and i treat it with lots of respect. like when i’m enjoying a delicious chocolate souffle with sprinkled sugar on top, i feel like i’m spending time with a close friend.

i can’t wait to see my next friend, precious. he’s a pork chop!



Dishwasher 1Dishwasher 3Dishwasher 4

i like to help clean up after dinner. i do my part for the family, and get a few last licks in! we had a very nice beef

strogenoff tonight, with mushrooms and noodles and goat cheese and green onions and sour cream. mmmmmmm,

just what a portly cat like me likes!

so i always volunteer for clean-up duty.


Attack of the vacuum monster!

Attack of the vacuum cleaner

this morning the vacuum cleaner attacked me again. i can’t stand that thing! i’ll be minding my own

business, having a nice quiet nap, and suddenly the rug is pulled from under me! all that racket,and i

have to run off half asleep. and then it keeps coming wherever i go, like it’s following me.

it just goes all over the house, and when it finally stops, i’m so shook up and tense that i can’t sleep

anymore. i try, but i keep thinking that it’s right behind me, sneaking up on me. the only thing that’ll

soothe my nerves then is a big yummy meal. i’m thinking chinese- kung pao chicken with hot and sour

soup and dumplings and vegetable noodles.

ahhhh, i’m feeling better already just thinking about food.