Attack of the vacuum monster!

Attack of the vacuum cleaner

this morning the vacuum cleaner attacked me again. i can’t stand that thing! i’ll be minding my own

business, having a nice quiet nap, and suddenly the rug is pulled from under me! all that racket,and i

have to run off half asleep. and then it keeps coming wherever i go, like it’s following me.

it just goes all over the house, and when it finally stops, i’m so shook up and tense that i can’t sleep

anymore. i try, but i keep thinking that it’s right behind me, sneaking up on me. the only thing that’ll

soothe my nerves then is a big yummy meal. i’m thinking chinese- kung pao chicken with hot and sour

soup and dumplings and vegetable noodles.

ahhhh, i’m feeling better already just thinking about food.


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