Assistance League of Glendale school visit!

Frans at Monte Vista school-1

Frans at Monte Vista school-2

Frans at Monte Vista school-3

frans visited monte vista elementary school in la crescenta, california to read the fuddles books.

the assistance league of glendale gave the school $1,500.- and discounts on books that frans

and the other authors signed.

the kids giggled and had a great time, and i had a nice breakfast burrito at home.


My shadow

The shadow-1The shadow-2

my shadow follows me everywhere. i can’t seem to get rid of it! It’s very clever- always copying

exactly what i do when i’m watching. but i want to know what it’s doing when i’m not watching.

i’m going to catch it! i’ll sit perfectly still, pretending i’m thinking about something, like dinner.

but i’m watching out of the corner of my eyes.

that shadow thinks it can outsmart me, but one day i’ll catch it moving…


Bigger eyes!

Bigger eyes

frans worked on “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” this guy has even bigger eyes than me

when i want something from my family. i get tired just watching this guy race around the

screen, so i think i’ll take a catnap and dream about something relaxing, like a ham and

cheese omelet with melted cheddar and mushrooms.

now that’s eye-opening!


Big eyes

Big eyes

when i finish a meal and i’m still hungry for seconds, i just flash my big eyes and my family

runs to get me more. i use my big eyes to get many things, tummy rubs, yummy snacks,

sensitive fur facials.

life is good when you’re adorable!


A comfy catnap

A comfy nap

there’s nothing like contorting your body and squishing into some pillows on the couch. especially after a

big meal. my snoring drowns out the gurgling sounds my tummy makes digesting the bratwurst and


what could be better?