The cat in the hat and the fat cat.

Cat in the hat-2Cat in the hat-1

frans visited several schools in Redlands, CA yesterday. at last night’s Highland Grove Elementary school bookfair at barmes and noble, the cat in the hat showed up to celebrate dr seuss’ birthday! he clearly has good taste in books.

us cats got to stick together!


Snuggling on the couch

Felix sits on couch

there’s nothing like stretching out on the couch. i wiggle myself in between some pillows and

a warm body, and soon i’m purring and snoring away. nothing makes me happier!

except maybe a big stack of pancakes, or a bowl of kung pao chicken.




i try to stay in shape, to keep sharp so i’m ready when unwanted critters come inside my house.

i have to be ready to pounce, my instincts need to be sharp.

but i’m glad my family keeps my house clean- those little critters frighten me…


What’s new, pussycat?

Whats new pussycat

i love music. i love singing too. i try to sing the really high notes, but i can’t always reach

them. so i sing as loud as i can, jumping up and down, stretching my neck.

my family likes that! they run around waving their arms, and then they put me in the

bathroom and close the door. they think i want privacy, but i’m really singing for them.

so i sing even louder so they can hear me all through the house!

i’m glad i make them so happy.