Morning stretches

Morning stretches

first thing in the morning i stretch my hamstrings- feeling the burn! our backyard is treacherous

territory- mole holes and gopher mounds and gnarly tree roots everywhere. i can easily twist

my ankle or pull a muscle if i’m not careful.

making my rounds through the yard builds up my appetite, so i’m ready for my bagel and lox with

thick cream cheese and onions.


Cat scratch fever!

Cat scratch fever

if i had to sing for my meals, i’d probably go hungry… i’m just glad i’m a pampered cat- i

spent half the day taking a nice long catnap, and now i’m going to munch on a yummy bowl

of fried calamari, with a big helping of caramelized banana chocolate pudding for dessert!

i’ll sing to that!


Frans’ illustration/animation desk

Animation desk Animation disc Disney name tag

this is frans’ drawing desk where he makes his illustrations and animation. and there’s the name

tag he got when he first started working at the disney studio in the 1980’s. the note by the name

tag came from a chinese fortune cookie, and it’s been there for many years.

i wonder what he ate, kung pao chicken, peking duck, sweet and sour pork! dang! now i’m

hungry! again!


Mickey Mouse and Fuddles

Fuddles & Mickey

frans is doing some animation of mickey mouse. i’m pretty animated myself. i jump around, i dance, i make funny faces. i could don

red shorts with yellow buttons and prance around doing silly things.

all i have to do is think about lunch, and i’m full of animation!

hmmm, lobster bisquits! rockey road ice cream.


Is there intelligent life out there?

Is there intelligent life

sometimes i stare out the window pondering what’s out there. the universe is so grand, infinite, incomprehensible.

it makes me think about the meaning of everything- why are we here? what is our purpose? what is our place

in the world?

then i think about dinner- macaroni and cheese with polish sausage!


Cats Don’t Dance- fooey!

Cats Dont Dance reunion

a long time ago frans worked on a movie called “cats don’t dance.” what a strange movie-

of course cats dance! i dance all the time! especially when dinner is cooking.

i hop around the kitchen, shimmying on my tippy-toes, shaking my big booty!

i’m dancing just thinking about a tuna melt with swiss cheese and a pickle and fries on the side.