90 years old!

Papa & me

frans’ father had his 90th birthday last saturday! they had a big party

for him with the whole family there.

here’s frans with his dad holding a card frans made. boy, i’d like to get

a cake like that! it could last me almost a whole day!


Food for thought


i often wonder what people are thinking about. i watch them stare into space, or walking

around looking at the ground, and I wonder what’s going on in their head?

i do my best thinking after a nice meal. When my tummy is full my mind is finely tuned,

and I’ll think about the finer things in life- filet mignon, mahi tuna, roasted lamb,

or peking duck.


Where’s dinner?


i get a little cranky when dinner is late. i get a certain look that my family knows

well- my where’s dinner?! look. i stare intently with really big eyes, and my

lower lip quivers a little. works every time. my family feels really sorry for me,

and they scramble to get my dinner ready.

as well they should!