Early Disney days

The Rats Nest_1983

in 1983 frans was just a youngster at the disney studio, working on “Mickey’s Christmas Carol.” this room was christened the rat’s nest by don bluth because of the pesky CalArts animators working there. pictured from left to right, brett newton, frans, (look at all that hair!) george sukara, and jesus cortes.

the clown wallpaper above frans’s head is a nice touch! lots of other interesting details too.



Watching Frans work

Watching me work

i like to watch frans work. he sits there quietly humming a song, or chuckling at his drawings. too bad that loudmouth tagalong beside me always joins in.

then the mailman comes, and loudmouth goes nuts, barking like a mad dog, and frans and i jump. i wish that dog would jump off a pier and disappear.