Indie Bookstore Day!

Indie bookstore day-2016

frans will be celebrating independent bookstore day on saturday at ONCE UPON A TIME bookstore in montrose california.

support your local bookstore! i bet they’ll have some yummies there too!



Fuddles on the cover of Draw Me!


yay! to celebrate independent bookstore day this saturday, indie book stores made a how- to-draw book. lots of illustrators contributed, and so did frans.

go support your local bookstore, saturday, april 30th!


Another fat cat


thanks to daphne for this picture.

here’s someone i would gladly share a filet mignon with. forget sharing! we each have a steak, with onions and potatoes and gravy and strawberry shortcake for dessert.


National Pet Day

Fuddles and library

seated by my library, i occasionally contemplate life’s experiences, the qualities that build one’s character from the verisimilitude one encounters, the challenges overcome, the joys and despairs all balanced out.

then i think about lunch. mmmmm, 2 eggs over-easy with bacon and hash browns.