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Fuddles and Puddles

By  RitaLorraine

September 20, 2016

Life for Fuddles is extremely good. In case you don’t know, Fuddles is a spoiled, pampered, well-fed – okay, fat – cat with a picture book series of his own that’s written and illustrated by the talented and quite funny Frans Vischer. There’s Fuddles’ debut book, aptly titled Fuddles; his holiday book called A Very Fuddles Christmas; and today’s feature, Fuddles and Puddles.

In Fuddles and Puddles, a content and pudgy Fuddles is enjoying his lazy and gluttonous life until something “wet and slobbery” jolts him out of his euphoria. Someone has let a dog in the house, and not by mistake, either, because Fuddles’ family proceeds to name the bothersome pup. They call him Puddles.

Puddles barks, sniffs, slobbers, digs, and chases things for absolutely no reason at all. If that isn’t bad enough, Puddles even tries to eat Fuddles’ cat food. When Fuddles sets him straight, Puddles keeps his distance. This is fine by Fuddles…until he finds himself face-to-face with the neighbor’s snarling dog without any way to protect himself. Puddles’ slobbery face would certainly be a sight for sore eyes right about now.

This is a delightful little book about making room for others and accepting change. It’s also about accepting differences, because nothing could be more different than a fat and snooty cat and a yipping, high-strung, slobbery puppy.

Mr. Vischer’s prose is brief and to-the-point for young readers, and yet it still manages to be quite funny. His rich, colorful, smile-worthy illustrations expertly capture roly-poly laziness, arched backs complete with raised hairs, snooty gazes and long, slobbering tongues.

Use this versatile book for a variety of lessons: to discuss animal personalities and animal care; as an introduction for conversations about “only children,” sharing, and accepting differences; and as a guide for learning to make room for others.

Best wishes and happy animals,
Rita Lorraine

Fuddles and Puddles